Expect Authentic African Cuisine at CHOBAS African Kitchen and Bakery

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Located in Waldorf, CHOBAS African Kitchen and Bakery is for food lovers, by food lovers. This eatery, which made its debut in November, is serving up mouth-watering, authentic African meals and baked goods. The food is cooked with ingredients sourced locally or from Africa, creating a fusion of fresh, intense flavors. One of the most recommended dishes is the jollof rice. You're invited to customize the spice level, giving just the kick you need. The pounded yam is also extremely popular, with some describing it as having the perfect texture. Most of the platters come with two sides, with the plantain being the most popular side option.

The ambiance provides a clean, crisp environment that allows the guests to really relax and focus on the food. The portions are said to be very impressive and the staff is knowledgeable and as helpful as possible. The food always comes out quick and hot. The plaza has plenty of parking to accommodate the crowds this restaurant has been attracting, so be sure to stop by soon!

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